How many substitutes are allowed in football?

Substitutions during a game are an integral part of football. This is how managers can react to the pitch situation. Well-executed substitutions can significantly affect the course of the match. Their number varies, as it depends on the type of match being played.

If we are talking about regular league games, most football federations have introduced the possibility of making five substitutions during a match. This is quite a lot looking at the fact that each team has eleven players at the same time. Until recently, many national leagues allowed a maximum of three substitutions, but much has changed with the Covid-19 pandemic and the Qatar World Cup being played in the middle of the season.

Five substitutions per match give more opportunities to rotate players through which they can stay fresh for longer periods. For friendly matches (club and national team), the number of changes is dynamic and can range from 7 to 12 players.

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